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Bouygues Pile Survey and Repairs – London

In Barking, East London, Seatech was tasked with repairing a corroded sheet piled river wall, essential for a new affordable housing scheme. The original repair plan required welding stiffener plates to sheet piles thinned to less than 5mm.

However, Seatech’s preliminary Ultrasonic thickness measurements indicated that the steel sheet piles were too thin for effective welding. Adapting to this challenge, Seatech creatively engineered and installed a reinforced concrete facing on the sheet piles.

This solution not only combated further corrosion but also significantly bolstered the wall’s structural integrity, ensuring its readiness for the housing project. This example underscores Seatech’s adaptability and technical proficiency, demonstrating their ability to modify project strategies in response to unexpected obstacles, thereby maintaining project integrity and supporting significant urban development.

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