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Seatech Commercial Diving Services provides diving and underwater services for the growing European renewable energy industry, and is well placed to assist as a sub-contractor

We have experienced in-house diving personnel to assist with air diving up to 50 metres for renewable energy projects inclusive of cable burial and j-tube installation as part of offshore wind farm construction and maintenance.

Ideally situated on the South Coast of England, Seatech are able to mobilise our experienced commercial divers and equipment to offshore wind farm and renewable energy projects anywhere within European coastal waters.

Strategically Located for Rapid Response

Situated on the vibrant South Coast of England, Seatech enjoys an ideal location to swiftly mobilize our seasoned commercial divers and cutting-edge equipment to offshore wind farm and renewable energy projects across European coastal waters.

Equipped with experienced in-house diving personnel, our capabilities extend up to 50 meters in air diving, specializing in renewable energy projects. This includes extensive involvement in cable burial and J-tube installation, essential components of offshore wind farm construction and maintenance.

A Comprehensive Suite of Services for Renewable Projects

Seatech offers a spectrum of services designed to meet the unique demands of renewable energy ventures, including:

  • Subsea Cable Installation and Repair: Crucial services for laying and maintaining subsea cables, the lifelines of offshore energy transmission.
  • J-Tube Installation and Modification: Ensuring the integrity and efficiency of these vital components within wind farm structures.
  • Installation of Mattresses and Scour Protection Systems: Safeguarding underwater structures against natural erosive forces.
  • Cathodic Protection Installation and Anode Replacement: Protecting metal surfaces from corrosion through specialized installation and replacement.
  • Seabed Clearance and Levelling: Essential for creating a stable and secure foundation for offshore installations.
  • Ultra-Thermic Cutting and Underwater Welding: Advanced techniques for precise cutting and welding operations in submerged environments.
  • Underwater Refurbishment and Maintenance: Ensuring the longevity and integrity of structures beneath the waterline.
  • Concrete Breakout and Replacement: Essential services for maintaining and enhancing structural components.