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Marine Civil Engineering

Seatech has supported clients and contractors in the civil engineering industry for two decades providing a first class service and at an affordable cost. With the skills and capability to perform a diverse range of marine activities, from underwater welding, cutting and burning to inspection, repairs, scour protection, installation and demolition of marine and inland water structures.

Seatech also has a wealth of experience providing diver dredging systems for silt clearance in ports, harbours, marinas, culverts, canals and inland waterways across the UK. With over 20 years of experience in this sector we can ensure an efficient service to the client and a project that will be on time and within budget.

Coastal and Inland Water Projects

At Seatech, our contributions extend far beyond underwater tasks. Our coastal protection services, including rock armoring and precast concrete sea defense units, serve as steadfast barriers against the relentless forces of nature, safeguarding coastlines and marine structures alike.

Seatech’s civil engineering capabilities include;

  • Pile wrapping- Seatech are an approved Specialist Applicator of SeaShield 2000 FD range
  • Anode installation
  • Scour protection; concrete mattress installation
  • Pile protection system installation
  • Coastal protection; rock armouring, precast concrete sea defence units
  • Coded underwater welding and burning
  • Diver dredging system, harbours, ports, marinas, canals and inland waterways
  • Assisting with underwater works as part of wind farm installation
  • Dock wall, lock gate, bridge and jetty maintenance
  • Slipway construction and underwater refurbishment
  • Diamond wire sawing
  • Outfall pipeline installation, inspection and repair
  • Underwater demolition and oxy thermal burning projects