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Jolly Amaranto – Egypt

In a challenging underwater salvage operation in Alexandria, Egypt, a 30-man team from Seatech devoted an impressive 537,000 minutes to underwater burning tasks, demonstrating their high level of expertise and commitment.

This intensive work was necessary to successfully dislodge and dismantle a severely damaged vessel that had become embedded in the seabed. Operating around the clock, the team strategically cut the vessel into pieces. The complexity of the task was heightened by the extensive damage sustained by the vessel, including sections where all decks had compressed, making the cutting process particularly difficult.

This operation highlights Seatech’s capability to handle complex salvage operations under challenging conditions and their ability to adapt strategies dynamically in response to the varying structural integrity of the vessel.

This project not only showcases their technical proficiency and operational resilience but also underscores their contribution to maritime safety and environmental protection by removing potential hazards from busy shipping lanes. Such successful operations enhance Seatech’s reputation in the maritime industry and demonstrate their commitment to delivering solutions in extremely demanding situations

Civil Engineering
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